1 1/2 mth old santa x angus bull calf

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Feb 10, 2005
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Western Australia
The santa cow behind him is his mama. Thinking about buying him as a weaner to feed up for the hoof/hook comp next year. They're unflattering phone photos but you get the idea. He's about 3 months old now and he's tall, deep, thick, long and super hairy. No update photos though :(
(This is the one I was telling you about Keren)

Keren":vs16p45p said:
love his face :D

mum forgot her ear somewhere, didnt she?

He looks even more bully in the head now as well.

She also gained horns :p. She has got something else in her but I'm not sure what. You can see a pure santa's head next to her, which is actually a poddy cow with hazel eyes.
aussie_cowgirl":n73q6qb9 said:
also a lack of ear will be handy for show. bos indicus cattle get heavily discriminated against.
The picture shows that you can use Brahman influenced cows that are bred to English or Continental bulls and get calves that meet most anyones market.
She almost looks as if she is half santa, half shorthorn, between the body shape, the ears and the horns.

yeah, I thought that big ol head on the left looked much more santa, I was convinced that was his mum till I read your post again

lump o lard bully calf ... get your butt out there and take some updated pics :D and get a halter on him!
about the mark down for bos indicus in steer comps ...

on the hoof you are not likely to see him marked down, because he doesnt have the ear

on the hooks, if you use the same marking system over there as we do over here, there are two sections where his bos indicus influence is going to be noted, and points deducted, first one is plain and simple bos indicus content, they get that from the breed you say he is, the second is hump height, he's not going to really registered any more than a taurus on that one I dont think. but the b.i.content is gonna bring down his MSA eating quality score. and to tell the truth I'd be likely to enter him as 25% santa, 25% shorthorn and 50% angus, because I really dont think he deserves the mark down for 50% bos indicus content. I know that wasnt very coherent, hope it made sense.
Yeah, I think shorthorn is the best bet. The bf's parents used to get a few station cattle every now and again so shorthorn is the most likely. Ha, I should make him go take a photo for me. I reckon he's going to grow out fantastically. I reckon I'll wait till summer holidays before I try and put a halter on him.

He's nice though isn't he.
Ha, yeah i know. :oops: Theres a thick little MG x heifer they have too. I ummed about her but I like this guy better. The heifer is shorter bodied. When she was born she had curly hair. It's straightened out though but she still looks so thick hided and haired.

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