06 F-250 6.0 diesel

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I don't think I would do it again! 05 60 f-450 purchased new.

Snap ring failure twice 7500 and 15000 miles.

Turbo failure

Fan clutch failure Twice

Fuel rail delivery problem

Sold it with the 6000$ head gasket problem and bought a 06 DODGE

Couldn't afford to do egr delete or h2o filter 'cause it was always in the shop

Sold it with 74500 miles

The Dodge gets 4-5 miles better pulling and 8-9 better on a road trip empty I'm sure my Gramp's was rollin' over in his grave when I brought it home
I think that 6.0 made even some die hard ford fans go elsewhere. Had the engine been good I think they'd have kept a decent reputation on their trucks
Nesikep":3ii8snru said:
Bhb.. the way I look at it is I can replace the front end 6 times easily for the cost of an engine... Yes, Dodge front ends have issues, the unitized wheel bearings are about the worst idea anyone came up with for durability, but it does sell a lot of parts!... Ball joints the same idea, but Ford's have the identical ball joints, and quite possibly chevy as well.

If I didn't use my truck to do a LOT of towing, I'd go with a gas engine for sure... Warms up in 3 minutes, far cheaper maintenance and repairs, and unless you're working the truck, you probably get as good mileage on them... Since they're a lot lighter, they're much easier on the front end and tires, and with less vibration and torque, transmissions hold up better too

Part of the problem is dragging heavy loads through the pastures. I was hauling quite a bit of patio stone (lime stone flag) up caliche hills and across sandy pasture. If you slowed down, you were stuck in no time. Patio stone everyone was demanding was 2 1/2 miles into the cedar breaks. So I was running that dodge pretty hard with a load behind the truck. Rough bouncing. Front end just wouldn't cut it. Plus it rode really rough in the pastures. The Chevy I traded was the gas converted diesel with 275 thousand on it. Front end had held up but I was not happy with the motor - injector pump went about every 50K.

Nor hauling building stone and patio stone any more. Still hauling cows and occasionally the tractor, cat, or backhoe. Not across long pastures tho.

Ford front end has held up good for me. Tranny is good too. Motor is a piece of junk - period.

You are absolutely correct on diesel enging weight and what that does to any front end. You have to decide how much of your hauling is going to be on pavement and how much of it will be across rough terrain.
Ford lost 17% of the light duty diesel truck market. GM has stayed about the same. And Ram - Dodge has picked up almost 20% of the light duty diesel truck market. No matter how good the truck is, if the engine is bad your out of luck.
Remember that we don't live in a time where companies try to make quality anymore... they only design it to be a bit better than the competition, and sometimes they fail. Dodge started to engineer obsolescence with my model year.. the '94, more plastic in the interior, all clipped on, ball joints instead of kingpins, lighter duty tie rod ends, and a more complicated front end design in general. My dad's '92 has leaf springs and kingpins, and is a pretty cheap truck to maintain.

The Cummins 5.9L has become a 'consumer item' as well, the head gaskets are now made in china, the block and most steel parts in Brazil, even my Bosch injector pump is made in Brazil. Some of the 24V engines had bad castings, but I compared 2 heads for the 12V, and can say I think the Brazilian one is better than the US one.. It corroded less, and the shape of the ports was nicer.

No one makes a REAL medium duty truck anymore

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