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    I have house flies terrible and flies on the cows. I was at a farm the other day and the guy mentioned that he has very few flies. This farm has dairy cattle and beef cattle. He said the vet sprays something when there. He didn't say where he sprays or what it is. Does anyone know anything about...
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    bearcat grinder screens

    Does anyone know where I might find screens for my old bearcat grinder? I have one in there but would like to find a little bigger sized so feed isn't ground so fine.
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    V wheel rake selection ?

    I have an H & S V-rake in a 10 wheel. I have used it for probably 100 acres a year for the last 4 or 5 years. Have not had any problems with it. I think its a good machine. In really heavy hay I have had it wad up as it tries to go out the back. I widen the back out just a hair if I need to. Im...
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    Vermeer 604J

    My baler is kinda hard to start a bale with at times. You have to be paying attention that it starts wrapping otherwise youll plug it up. What I am wondering is are the belts suppose to be turning when there is no bale in the baler? Seems once the belts start turning when starting a bale your...
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    Protein Percent

    I am going to feed out 4 steers and 1 heifer to butcher this fall. Going to buy some whole corn and soybean meal. I have a grinder mixer. What percent protein am I looking to mix?
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    Stuck together 5 gallon pails ?

    Compressed air works real well. Blow right around the rim of the pail with your blow gun. Pop right loose.
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    Skidsteer tracks

    I am thinking I might buy a set of tracks for my skidsteer to get through the mud this spring in my cow lot. I will be on some concrete so I am thinking I will buy some with rubber pads on them. Over the tire is what I am looking at. Does anyone have any experience with any? What brand do you...
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    I Love My Camera!

    Can you people give me details about the camera system you have and about how much you have into it and where you bought it. Been wanting to get a couple cameras for calving. Don't want to go wireless.
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    Disappointing results

    I assume you pulled the calf and the heifer is alright? Will you keep her and breed her again?
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    Explain this dead calf or try to

    Seven year old cow had dead heifer calf two weeks early. I know these things happen and we will never quite understand what exactly happened but shoot some ideas my way will you? Some of the odd things were she didnt look all loose and sloppy in the back end. Her bag was not very filled out. She...
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    Dead cow, just venting

    Thank you all for your replies. Doesn't fix the problem but glad Im not the only one that has ever had this happen. I did fill this dip in some. When I can get in there in the spring I will be disking this and getting the dips out. Im from Michigan. The barn lot is almost all dirt due to cows...
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    Dead cow, just venting

    I have had 2 cows die in the exact same spot in my barnyard and exactly a year apart, to the day. Next to my fence there is a small dip in the ground. Like an old dead furrow from plowing or something similar. Cow lays down in it, cant move toward the fence because its electric and cant get its...
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    Building an outdoor wood furnace.

    Nice project. Might I add a couple things just for thought. I use wood to heat my home during the winter. I have a forced air wood furnace inside a separate room attached to my house. I ran my duct work off the wood furnace into my existing duct work that is also hooked to my propane furnace. I...
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    Need new bull

    What do you guys do with your bulls if they are not very old and a good breeding bull but you cant use them in your herd anymore because of their daughters? Sure hate to take a good bull to the salebarn. Ive tried craigslist but that isn't really the best place. Not a lot of beef farms around here.
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    Hayin like I've never hayed before....

    My bad angus cowman. Was trying to be helpful but guess missed the bine part. You do realize that people have put up hay for years and years here with nothing more than a sickle mower and a rake.