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    So Long, My Old Friend

    Been using duns style mineral for years I give him credit when people see it
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    CT Roll-Call

    Here air assault sergent
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    Tedder timing

    Thanks I'm going to try and get to working on it, but it's been raining pretty much every day, so I can't really use it anyway. But I'm trying to get it fixed so when it's finally dry I can use it
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    Tedder timing

    Can anyone tell me how to time a vicon Fanex 500 Tedder? It is a 4 basket Tedder and the tunes are clanking together. I checked YouTube and couldn’t find the answer.
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    Bonding plastic on a John Deere gator

    Does anyone know what will bond the plastic together? I have a crack in the fender and I have tried fiber glass, liquid nails, and gorilla tape. Any advise on what does work?
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    Antibiotic use after calving

    she is much better today we moved her easily 1/4 mile to small field near :clap: :clap: the house discharge clearer and much less
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    Antibiotic use after calving

    she was not up for a few days did smell.. smells better now gets around o k limps on one hind leg when she first gets up still limited mobility been taking her feed and water but she can walk 100 yards or so is grazing some but she likes to stay on 2 different sets of trees
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    Antibiotic use after calving

    Hello, We had a difficult calving with a heifer and she has a yellow discharge. I think she has a uterine infection. What antibiotics would you recommend? We have LA 200. Thank you,
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    Grass only?

    May you could over seed colver and oats and get by well have seen it done in north fla
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    Water pump what would u do ?

    We put on a new pump a few years back we accidentally put on wrong year pump did not find out putting fan on so just bought fan to match the pump every thing work out fine
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    A cattlemen's protest in Washington DC for the Hammonds.

    There is a local church U.S. flag above the CHristian flag ,although correct it bugs awfully. :?: :oops:
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    Peanuts in bahia

    No wild hogs in our neck of woods thank goodness . Probably going to do the white clover, and some peanuts. I have had lots of problems with raccoons digging up peanuts planted for eating.
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    Peanuts in bahia

    Harrowed up a small pasture last fall had a LOT of centipede planted rye and oats in it limed per soil test 2 tons per acre . Plan to plant tiff 9 Bahia I went ag field day they plant common peanut as nitrogen source the grass near peanut was super green . Peanut lasted about 3 years, came back...
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    baler roller assembly

    Sorry for the long break. I did manage to get the individual rollers out. It had caps on each side, kind of like bottle caps but bigger, I had no idea until I had spoken to someone about it, and it had to be in the forward position to locate and remove them. They were difficult to remove...
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    baler roller assembly

    Thanks Mat I am attempting to change all the drive and idlers sprockets, does roller assembly come out the front or rear of baler ? May talk new Holland tomorrow.