Bonding plastic on a John Deere gator

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Jun 18, 2005
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North Florida
Does anyone know what will bond the plastic together? I have a crack in the fender and I have tried fiber glass, liquid nails, and gorilla tape. Any advise on what does work?
Might try a soldering iron to melt them together. It may not be pretty but should stick the sides together and be strong. I did this on a feed tub and it worked surprisingly well.
What I did was run the iron down the crack to meld it together. Then I took a cigarette lighter that is like a mini-torch and went over it to smooth it out.
You can buy a plastic welder that heats the plastic and feeds a plastic rod into the crack. it works better on some plastic than others.
You could also drill 3/16" holes about 1" apart and right across from each other along the crack and use zip ties to hold it together. This is what I call Frankensteining it and actually is quite strong.
It;s unsightly because you you have to have the stuff layered on the outside of the crack, but JB weld will hold it. Anyway it does on mules
The best repair is plastic welding.. Slice off a few shards of plastic from an inconspicuous area, so your filler material is the same as the fender. A 10 dollar HF heat gun will do the trick for that.

You can also screw sheet metal underneath the plastic, which is what I had to to do to keep the fender from falling off our old 6x4 Gator.
If I didn't have a plastic welder that ohiosteve mentioned, I would put a plate on the underside like Atimm said... The plastic welder I have has fiber reinforced filler rod (black) that is darned strong.. I've fixed a lot of chain saw plastics with it and it holds up well.. the welder itself is rather expensive, but you could do with a propane powered soldering torch or something similar to do the melting

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