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    New Clippers

    I just got some Wahl storm 2 clippers and I love them so far.
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    Good performance bull and eggs

    Right now I'm working on developing a breeding program for my performance class work. Right now I'm thinking just get a total or ambush 28 heifer out of one of our better cows and starting from there. But, I was also wondering about using eggs from a good dam and going full flush on one of our...
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    2010 fair

    i just realized i completely forgot my cow calf pair!!! They didn't win anything, but the calf looks great. This pic really doesnt do them justice, but its the best we have of them at fair. They are the last pair in the pic.
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    I have a problem...

    First of all, why are you starting this late? number two Why is your calf only 500 pounds? HOW OLD IS IT? 3 Try using the prod again. The tarp might work, and there was a ton of other good suggestions on how to do it.
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    state fair 2010

    :clap: :clap:
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    Your Next Herd Bull?

    ive seen ALOT better black herefords aka black baldies.....
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    What breed if starting over????

    If its not blazing hot where you live, do the black baldies. They perform better. Better weights + the better selling black = profit!
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    what to use on black baldies

    i would use a black angus bull on black baldy cows.
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    2010 fair

    thanks, bumpidy bumpers
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    RIP Heat Wave

    how is it not original? its on matt launter's blog (im not spelling it right). he died in adel, IA
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    RIP Heat Wave

    Heat Wave, a legend of a bull, died on the 14th in Adel, IA. He was never my favorite bull, but he was truly a legend and a sire of a champion. RIP
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    2010 fair

    bumpidy bump bump
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    Happy bovines come from Wisconsin

    nummy BEEF comes from iowa!!! Dangit, i dont have any cool pics.. I'll post em later!
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    cooling room?

    Hi. The other day I came across a design to build an insulated room in a barn and put in a window AC... Has anybody heard of this? does it work?
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    what to look for when choosing a purebred angus heifer

    I am going to be buying a purebred angus heifer soon to show next year, and I wanted to know what to look for.