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    But do the clippers you have overheat?? Even though you have dropped the lIster stars, do they still get the job done?? DO they overheat?
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    Thank You for your help. Now the problem I have with clippers is they overheat, and then you have to let them cool, and by the time you are done clipping the lamb hates you and the stantion, and wants nothing to do with the clippers when you try and clip again becasue they are so hot. Do these...
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    Ok I know this is for cattle, but I have a friend who some show sheep, and needs to know what the best kind of Sheep Shearers to purchase, and from where. She has heard that the Yellow Handle Oster Clippers are the best, but she doesnt want to pay money on them to take a crap a couple days...
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    Ducking steer

    Ive had three steers like yours. I am female, 5'6' and 159lbs, and they can pull me around like a puppy dog. But when they first began to duck their heads, i corrected them either by, giving them the boot to chin, pinching the nose or my favorite they got the heavy duty chained halter. Works...
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    How would you clip a 5 month old Holstein Heifer?

    How would you go about clipping a 5 month old Holstein Heifer for show? Thanks
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    How to clip a Holstein Heifer for show?

    How would you go about clipping a 5 month old Holstein Heifer for show? Thanks
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    Need Help to train a ranch steer

    Whatever you do dont put them back in the same corral!! I bought two ranch steers last year. Both wilder than snot, when they got home. While they were being weighed, we put the halters on, I nearly broke my arm at the elbow, but we got the halters on. When i finally got them home, i backed the...
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    Should somebody stand up and say something?!

    Its truely up to you, but I have a kid at my fair that is the same way. Parents pick out the calf, parents work the calf, feed the calf, raise the calf, the kid walks into the show rings, places supreme then walks out. It pisses me off to no end. Parents buying $2000 steers and then doing...
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    Arrrggghhhh.. lice!

    I use Seven dust.
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    Hay for a steer.

    Thank you for your help. Yes that was me, and a friends calf. My 1300 lbs steer had already been loaded up and gone. My friend was out getting lunch so i decided to play with her calf.
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    first fair with tie outs

    For dividers we use straw. or we get creative like this.... If you look behind me and the calf you will notice we used straw on the sides and in the back we put together small stands, describing the calves and decoration than used rope to connect the stands. Or if you look on sullivans they...
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    Hay for a steer.

    Yes, it is two or three types a hay baled into one. Depending on where you live is depending on what is baled.
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    Hay for a steer.

    Ok the last three steers Ive left on Bermuda hay. I ve been doing research and noticed that a few people feed more 2-way or 3-way and very little feed. Which is better? Can I save money by feeding more 2 way or 3 way? and spending less on grain? 1. Bermuda hay and alot of grain 2. 2-way and a...
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    Feeding a Show Steer.

    Thank you all. But is 3-way hay better for the steer than Bermuda?
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    Feeding a Show Steer.

    Ok I have raised three show steers. The first was raised on Showmaster and Bermuda Hay. The steer ate a bag a showmaster every two days and two flacks a day. His meat turned out fatty. The other two were raised on Bermuda and 4way grain. Their meat turned out better than the first. I was...