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  1. certherfbeef

    JJ Detwiler

    Got my info yesterday. Date may be off though.
  2. certherfbeef

    JJ Detwiler

    Rumor said the IRS caught up with him. The hereford bull I bet you are talkin about was Southern Cross.
  3. certherfbeef

    JJ Detwiler

    Rumor here local is that they are selling out, completely this time. Might be a good chance to get some cheap recip's with expensive embryos in them. My info comes from a good source and says the sale is "slated" for the 7th of september. Equipment and all.
  4. certherfbeef


    Calf was in the truck cause she was at the bottom of the hill on the wrong side of the fence. I was too lazy to carry her to the top. Put her in the truck and mamma met me at the top. She ended up on the seat cause she was standing on the seat then a bump made her fall.
  5. certherfbeef


    Here are some fairly recent photos. Nothing special, just thought I'd share. Floral arrangement from Mother in Law's funeral services. Wanted to snap a picture before they wilted. Oldest daughter's fat steer prospect for the fair. He would not cooperate today. Just a little hereford bull...
  6. certherfbeef

    How many of you carry a gun?

    Always carry, never tell.
  7. certherfbeef

    Spring has to be close!

    18 inches of snow on the ground here. Good news is that all this snow this winter has brought the water table back to normal. Gonna be a while before I till the garden!!
  8. certherfbeef

    Long time no see (pics)

    Yep, registered simmy mamma and a horned herf sire.
  9. certherfbeef

    Long time no see (pics)

    Hey there folks. Been a long time. Thought I'd drop in and thank everyone for the pm's and e-mails. If it seems I've ignored you folks who were expecting a reply...sorry about that. Although I can't catch up with the forum, I will try to return some pm's right directly. Some of you folks can...
  10. certherfbeef

    Need help for a friend

    Have a buddy that says he needs hereford semen from the 60's and 70's. He hasn't called Jim Reed yet but I told him I'd ask here. Horned or polled, he said it doesn't matter. I'm thinking he is wanting the old "smurf" low to the ground herfs to mate up on his chi type cross bred cattle. I'm...
  11. certherfbeef

    Digital Phone service

    High speed internet is here thru the cable company. My neighbor signed up for something called voice over internet phone (voip). Telephone is routed thru the high speed internet and is supposed to be alot cheaper. Anyone use this? How is it?
  12. certherfbeef

    Eazi-Breed CIDR - Do they go bad?

    The drugs that most folk use for sync need to be gotten from a vet. If stored properly you could keep the unused cidrs till spring.
  13. certherfbeef

    Stay or GO ~ Part 2 ( photos )

    Re-read what Jeanne posted. That is coming from a simmy breeder and I think she is dead on about this heifer. Ship the hereford looking calf and keep this one. Nice heifer
  14. certherfbeef

    Should she stay or should she go...?

    I'd like to see her mamma but I'd be willing to bet she is not going to improve on your herd. My replacements have to be better than their mamma's and you can tell if the conformation and disposition is there before weaning. First thing I noticed it the lack of muscling in the hind quarter...
  15. certherfbeef

    October in ohio (pics)

    Just a few pictures of the colors here locally. I was in Moundsville and Wheeling WV last week and the trees had not turned there as much as they had here. Sure is pretty here for bow hunting season.