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    Have you noticed?

    Interesting. Well just another thing: Have you noticed that dams & their daughters often calve the same day or either side of a day. I have this year.
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    Red Poll cross calves

    Depth of flank is depth of flank. Full in the flank = fat. If u have a look at these pictures the animal lacks depth of flank & cuts up. I would imagine if you look at these animals from behind they would also cut up at the twist (udder/cod) More depth = more weight
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    Brangus calf pictures

    Great looking cattle & excellent heifer prospects.
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    A few pics

    Like cow #102 Pinzguaer or old fashioned Maine Anjour can breed the skunk stripe.
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    Red Poll cross calves

    Nice fresh calves however I'd like to see a bit more thickness through the hind quarter & more depth of flank.
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    Red Angus Bull

    I'm guessing tag # 194 isn't him :help:
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    2 bull calves to pick at

    I like utilizing hybrid vigor but personally I think both these bulls lack depth and muscling. Just my opinion but you did ask. It also looks as though the older bull has done in tough at his new home as he hasn't grown out & is all big headed.
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    any Differences between Piedmontese and Romagnola cattle?

    They are big cattle. Was originally bred as draft bullocks in Italy. From my experience with them temperament is a problem & of course I believe they are all horned??
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    3 Premature dead calves

    What breed? Any possible genetic disorders??
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    How many days since calving do you AI?

    Hello AI breeders, Just a quick talking point to throw up. We are looking to AI next month & are going through the calving book to work out joinings & what late cows can't be included in the Round 1 AI. We only AI cows that are a minimum of 40 days post calving. What do other breeders use as a...
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    Best Breed For Me

    Granted continentals of any kind are generally a little heavier birth weight than an Angus, however it's the shape & how the weight is disturbed in the calf. Generally Limousins X calves are born like skun rabbits. All legs & length & on average (with the exception of a few modern day Black...
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    Best Breed For Me

    It is what my target market wants. We produce grass finished (alfalfa) Limo X Angus milk vealers turning them off finished for slaughter at 10 months @ 350-400kgs (770-880lbs) Steers & heifers not finished are weaned & sold to a feedlot (short-fed 60-90days) I appreciate this wouldn't be for...
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    Best Breed For Me

    The best breed or cross is one that suits your pastures, environment & management & fits the desired market you aim to meet. For me this is Limousin (Continental) over Angus (British) cows. So many benefits in this direct hybrid vigor with the Limo benefit of muscle.
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    WRZK Double Wide

    Sorry I attempted to delete this post as I posted it on the wrong board topic.
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    WZRK Double Wide

    Does anyone know anything about this Limo sire and/or have progeny on the ground??