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    If you had to pick one breed that wasnt angus or hereford??

    You could upgrade to Bonsmara, the herd in Alberta has adapted well to local conditions, and full performance data is available on all Bonsmara cattle. Dr Gordon Strick, the herd owner can advise on available bloodlines and upgrading procedure.
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    If you had to pick one breed that wasnt angus or hereford??

    While they are not suitable for northern conditions (now that we have a location) y information is that there are a few crosses in the USA, left over from breed trials, but no purebreds or fullbloods.
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    Wow! Well done, young lady!

    Now she needs to target other species for record trophies.
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    Any Afrikaner cattle in the USA?

    See if I can get the direct link to work - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1845266292191223
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    China made products

    Another price advantage the Chinese have over western countries, is that they have siezed control of resources in developing countries in Africa and Asia, thus sourcing their primary products at a far lower price than western countries can source them, added to this, large scale corruption in...
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    Any Afrikaner cattle in the USA?

    No information from Argentina so far, I still have one breeding company to check with which have a Tuli herd and might know about the Afrikaner if still available. There is an Australian group on facebook for people interested in African genetics -https://www.facebook.com/groups/1845266292191223
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    Any Afrikaner cattle in the USA?

    In most countries the Afrikaner have been used for composite breeding or absorbed into local Zebu herds, there might still be some left in Argentina, I will make some enquiries through my contacts there.
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    Update on rotational grazing

    I see the video link did not work here is a retry https://sangacattle.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18906811-sustainable-ranching
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    Update on rotational grazing

    Have you read Johann Zietsman's book? (Now also available in spanish) When we were in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia he was doing three moves per day over a calculated days worth of grazing, but the right genetics are crucial to the success of high density grazing, here is a link to one of his articles -...
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    Raising your own bulls

    Beside my stud herd, we closed the commercial herd consisting of locally bought cattle of similar genotype, as we were totally grass based from the outset, we selected for this specific type, basing selection on the criteria established by my neighbour Johann Zietsman, a qualified geneticist and...
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    Breed what you love

    There is plenty of interest, the best source of embryos at present would be from Australia, as disease outbreaks in South Africa have affected the export market for semen and embryos.
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    Breed what you love

    I started with Tuli in the 70's as I lived near the research station where the breed was developed. My commercial herd was mostly low maintenance Nguni and Tswana types, which with the severe climatic and parasite challenges. During the civil war I was away for half the year on deployment, so...
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    Fresh Beef from Brazil

    While there are concentrated efforts on the part of international conservation groups, there is little to no reporting on the felling of tropical and equatorial forests in Africa and Asia. The Chinese have cleared most of the rosewood forests in these countries, with teaks and mahogany also in...
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    Very nice stock, I used Boer goats for scrub control from the 70's with about 300 does, but never got into showing. When we first came to the UK I started a small herd again and was building up interest in clearing invasive trees such as willow and elder, but sold up when we moved to the USA...
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    Gunboat diplomacy and other worldy issues.