Yearling Filly

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Dec 20, 2003
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We have a cutting bred yearling filly my husband is starting to fool with - has he taught to load in a trailer, has saddled her with a pony saddle, snaffle bit, hobbles (she hates them!!) - standing tied, clipping and trimming her feet. What other kinds of things can he do this summer to get her ready for the trainer next spring? Also, does anyone have a good reference book or article on how to teach a yearling to lunge? Can't seem to find anything in the few horse books we have on hand. Thanks for your help.
We breed and raise gaited horses (Peruvian Pasos and Tennessee Walking Horses). Lounging work in round pen. Ground work the horse in backing, stepping forward, stopping when you lean back while walking at its shoulder on Left side, bending, leading from both sides, spot turning on front legs by cueing its hindquarters. Whenever your particular breed is ready for sacking out with blanket, saddle, etc., you can do it prior to any bit/saddle/mounting training. Ground work is critical preparation for saddle training. If the horse doesn't respond properly on ground, he/she won't respond properly under saddle.

Contact your breed association to see if they have any training videos or books you can buy. Some high end breeding/training facilities may have videos on training for sale also.