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Jan 3, 2007
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Northwest Texas
Alittle behind in posting these..

My mare had her foal back on April 30th..she held out til of course we had awful turd floating rain and thunderstorms all night..she had it in between 2AM and 5AM. Mare is my good worker, Lilly. Shes a g-daughter of both Doc O Lena and Mr. San Peppy..really cool roller coaster cowhorse. :) Sire is Big Chex to Cash

Meet Delilah..may be a palomino..not sure, Ill be foal wrassling soon to pull tail hair for her DNA test and for a color test.





She is a palomino, no need to pull hair. Her mane and tail will lighten. She will probably have a good golden color. Love the chrome. :D
Nice filly, and well bred. I have done several DNA pulls, I have always done it from the mane.... all you need is about a dozen hair roots. You have a lot better control of her from the head than from the tail.

CKC1586":23kq9kz8 said:
Beautiful! That fourth picture caption, "You think you are gonna do what to my tail???".
Yes, that is a very good caption..

She is an utter flirt. she will wait til feed time and then walk over to the fence that divides her pen and my stud's pen and nicker to him. my stud, being pretty even tempered nickers back and starts walking over to the fence..Lilly of course sees this and runs over, drives Delilah away all the while making nasty faces at the stud. Poor guy...:)
Thanks GC and Misty morning!

Chippie..I am sure shes a pally..Ive had sorrel foals and they are nothing like her..but 2 of my friends are INSISTENT that shes not "white" enough..I may have to have offical evidence. :lol2:

Alan, yes, we normaly pull mane hair, but last year, while DNA-ing my coming yearling, I was instructed, by the lab, to pull tail hair. the tail hair on young horses I guess holds better DNA, according to them..and they require at least 50, at least APHA did..and this filly is APHA and AQHA..she'll need to be DNA-ed for both of them.

My husband wants to keep her for me..Im torn, I feel like I dont ride enough and compete enough to warrant keeping a filly like her..

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