PRCA new calf roping rule

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Next thing you know you won't be able to rope them either. Don't know how you would do it and not jerk them down. For that matter what little I have been around it if it didn't get jerked down you needed a new horse.
Never noticed this thread got a comment. They already won't telavise steer tripping hardly at all. It's just a matter of time, till nothing rodeo related is on television.
I agree Bigfoot, should be interesting to see how they implement this!
I guess there will be a lot of new training techniques for rope horses.
Maybe there's hope for me and my roping career yet! Me and old Roanie have never been fast enough to jerk one over as it is so I figure I've got a leg up if I'm already used to doing it that way!
There is a real art to leaving a calf standing, when your calf roping. The beginning of Roy Coopers era was really when you started seeing guys do it. I guess the calf, can still be jerked down, just not off all 4 feet. I'm actually a little hazey on its interpretation. There will be no catch is as catch can anymore either.
I don't know...I really don't see it making that much of a difference? It's still gonna be a judgement call, and if they want you, they'll have you. They're looking for ways to fine you for about anything anymore anyway. They've had the no jerkdown rule for a while now, back when I was going they had a no jerkdown rule (mid to late 90's). I've seen the no jerkdown enforced on borderline cases, on weaker calves, and I've seen it be pretty much thrown out the window on a pen of stout fresh calves.

The head catch only, meh, it doesn't happen that often with guys that can rope any way, imo. If a guy really needs him caught, like a multiple-go rodeo or average, they'll just get in the middle of him and make it happen. But, that may make you think about the go money and how good you're sitting in the average, just like it does now.

Back then, there was scuttlebutt of pretty much eliminating calf roping east of the MS River. They're still having it in Boston/Wilmington last time I heard.

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