WV Farm Machinery Auction

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Aug 16, 2005
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Southern West Virginia
I just received this information and thought I'd pass it along. I haven't been to this sale for a few years but it has been really nice in the past. Plenty of equipment and parking. Usually they will have 2 or 3 auctioneers so the sale moves along at a good pace.

March 28th at 9am at the Jackson Co., WV Fairgrounds.
This is off of I-77 at the Ripley exit about 3 miles west on route 33. This is about 30 or so miles north of Charleston, WV.
This is sponsored by a local FFA chapter and the kids there have always done a really good job with this. Food is good and the load out is usually pretty quick.
Hope to see some of you there.

Thanks for the reminder. I'm planning on attending if I can get caught up on fenceing.
I knew that I should have written something different in the Subject line! This sale usually has a dozen or so mid-size tractors (up to around 60hp). In the past I have seen a number of 8Ns, 9Ns, MF 35s, generally small farm stuff. A lot of general equipment - plows, discs, balers, rakes, just general equipment. They start on small stuff for an hour or so then move to the larger equipment.
No livestock, no titled vehicles and no used tires.
I hope all you fellers show up and bid big - especially on the Gravely I'm hauling. Buddy of mine has a Gravely and several attachments that we're taking unless we get it sold before then. Then I'll pick up some stuff from other associates - we hope to have a big wagon load by the time we get there!
Do they have any stock trailer dealers show up? Right now i'm in the market for one and it would be handy to have a few different ones to check out.
Haven't seen any in the past but I understand that this thing has really grown over the past few years. There is a pretty good size equipment dealer right in that area - might find something you like there. I think the name is Fisher's but I wouldn't swear to it.
Rusty - If I can make it from Beckley, I know you can make it from Duck! Have you been to the stock sale at Spencer lately? I know some guys that are looking to get rid of some horses and I think they've been having a monthly horse sale. That's pretty close to you isn't it?
I'm fairly close to Spencer but haven't been to sale barn.
I did talk to my dad today and he had read about acution said they are going to have alot of stuff up for bid.Also said if you are looking for something to go early to see what they have and take friends because they will be selling things at the same time.Like I said will try to make it ,about hour and a half to two hours depending on how heavy your foot is.I hope to see some of you there .
thanks for the post. i forgot about that sale. we have talked about going then some thing always come up. gonna try to slip it in this yr, looking for a round baler and a disc mower, working on gathering up funds now. seems like you get a funds saved up and then something happens poof its gone..something broke.
apx what will a small baler go for up there? 4X4 bales do you remember? any way thanks for reminder
Rose - Too many years since I've been there to say accurately. Definitely a good place to look though. Seems like everytime I go the weather is really bad - cold, snow, rain, - doesn't seem to stop the crowd from piling in there. Shame it's not this weekend, looks like the temps will be pretty mild even if it does rain a little.
Didn't make it either.Had everything planned out for it but as always plans went south.Doesn't really matter didn't have money to buy anyhow.
Didn't make it either. rained several days down here - so I figured it would be a big ol' mudhole up there. I haven't heard from anybody that went - I'm guessing we all stayed away for the same reasons.
There are several more coming up this month - at least two more in Mason county.
rusty":3szfejti said:
Well at least we all had good intentions. :)
There's the Beef Expo in Jane Lew this weekend! It's only about 25 miles from me so I'm "sure" I'll make this one! Not sure why, Wifey is now asking me what else I "have" to have. Since Feb. I've bought a disc mower, a tedder & a baler. Luckly just cost me a bit more than my tax refund, it 's a nice saving plan but I'm still trying to figure out how it happened. Of course I'm sure they'll cost me more when i get started getting them ready for use.
Oh, I told Wifey I needed more cows to help pay for those tools, but I don't think she's buying that one :cry2: