What to breed angus heifers to?

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Jan 29, 2007
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I'm looking at BC Lookout 7024 and SAV Final Answer 0035 to breed to some Angus heifers.

BC Lookout
BW EPD 1.6 ACC .79

SAV Final Answer
BW EPD -.8 ACC .94

Based strickly on BW EDP, I should go with Final Answer; however, are Lookout's EDPs ok for heifers?
Thanks in advance for your input!
I've never used lookout and don't know a lot about him but I have used Final Answer and liked him on heifers.
Pendleton - a final answer son - has shown himself (on my cows) to be a very short gestation bull. I would either use him or bar ext. I don't know that I've seen enough data on lookout for me to call him calving ease so, between those two, I would go final answer.
If you use Bar Ext expect your calves to be harder to handel in the chute and confined area. Hope this helps,
I bought 10 Angus mix 2 reds, 8 Blacks, bred to Bar ext over the winter. Had 6 bull, 4 Heifer calves in late Jan/early Feb.

I just worked 1 bull, 25 cows, 6 unbred heifers, and 23 calves (10 bull, 13 heifers).

I get Vet school at Va Tech to dothe spring working of cows with me and they bring students to help with gathering, shots, etc.

We saw no difference in Bar EXT, calves and those from my bull.

You can see some of the Bar ext at - http://home.comcast.net/~lol-llc/site/