What the best Regional Feed Company?

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Apr 13, 2017
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So long story short, the woman in my life & I have lived in Kansas our entire lives (we are in our mid 20's). She has informed me its time for a change, I am still alive to type this so I obviously agreed to her demand. I have a master's degree in animal science & I studied nutrition so I told her I would start reaching out to feed companies about possible sales/ tech support jobs.

So does anyone have any suggestions? What's the best regional feed companies (a company that sells feed in multiple states, not like a small co-op) in your area? All suggestions are welcome, I'm open to going just about anywhere.
Here southern states no sure how many states but several. Tennessee co-op is pretty big down there and owns stores in ky too.
I'm in KS and one of our local Co-op's uses Purina as one of their main sources of products - and you know they're huge. Even if you didn't get your degree at K-State (congrats, btw!) you might want to contact one of their extension offices. I would also suggest contacting your vet. A masters in AS/Nutrition could also segue into one of the pharmaceutical companies or even a premium beef processing plant (sales/marketing/management - not on the line).

Good luck!! And side note: I came BACK to KS after being away 15 years. There's no place like home :heart:
The PNW I would look at Simplot. They are mostly an agronomy company and potato processor. But they have several ranch supply stores. And they run about 30,000 mama cows of their own on a number of ranches and I know they have some fairly big feedlot operations.
The college you attended and professors you studied under should have some ideas.

And for a change of ideas, you could maybe get in with an ag focused biotech / private equity finance sort of operation. Those folks are always looking for people to advise them about whether or not an idea is really real...etc...

Also, you could trade commodities for a shop like Cargill, Goldman Sachs, etc. A friend of mine did that for a decade before heading back to ND to take over the family farm (10,000+ acres).

Lots and lots of options.

Heck, there cam be good money in Ag insurance...

Do you want to stick with something outside?
Up here in the Northwest we have Simplot, or Western Stockman's as it's sometimes called, that is a big supplier of animal feed. Unless you're uber rich, though, you won't want to settle in the Boise area. However, Simplot is quite expansive.
MFA Incorporated is a Midwest-based regional farm supply and marketing cooperative serving more than 45,000 farmer/owners in Missouri and adjacent states. Our 140 company-owned MFA Agri Services Centers combined with 24 locally owned MFA affiliates with 24 branch locations contrast nicely with our approximately 400 independent dealers.

If you're dead set on nutritional consulting for feed companies it's going to be slim pickings unless you're willing to wallow around with the big boys from Cargill and Purina and that has no future. Seems to be a lot of opportunity with good salaries working with pharmaceutical companies, some of the major feed additive companies like Zinpro, Kemin, NutraBlend etc. As someone else mentioned the commodity market will always need good hard working well educated people, Folks like ADM, ConAgra, Commodity Specialist. Bet you can find your spot with one of those, do a good job and make a darn good living. Best wishes to you.

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