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Very good.

The only person I ever knew, who was never wrong about something I asked was my Grandfather.

And usually he made me look stuff up. Dictionaries, maps, a legion of books including encyclopedias etc. Got an EDUCATION. Not just relying on someone else to do everything for me!

Something else I learned along the way was WHERE to look for quality information. There was no internet. But there was still plenty of places to go for quality information. Libraries. Extension centers. Court houses. Everything from soup to nuts basically. The best places were always old places. Old to me anyway. Places that most folks drive by every day and never even know they are there!! They are there for a reason!

I think the biggest problem is, it requires EFFORT. Something that was never instilled in a lot of this newer generation. The EDUCATION is severely lacking. The ability to think for one's self is a skill that just isn't taught anymore.
You shouls take advice from everyone but only really listen to advice from people that are already where you want to be.

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