Weird looking deer

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Oct 20, 2008
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My college is on an island on a river, and no one is allowed to hunt there so there are a ton of deer. On my drive in a couple weeks ago I saw a young doe of an odd coloration..I have seen albinos but she had white coming up onto her body partway, and had a stripe of the usual tan down her back, and some small tan spots here and there, and the head was mostly white except for the top...anyone seen anything like it?
Piebalds. Its just a color variation. They're not albino. There is also a melanistic phase where they can be solid black. Its much rarer though. Piebalds can be more prevelent is some areas.
That wouldn't surprise me if they were inbred, they are all stuck there on the island, the only way off is the road and that is pretty busy.

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