Weaning age

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This is another one of those "How high is up" and "What's the difference between a duck" type of questions. There is no correct answer and there is no incorrect answer. Breed registries use a 205 day weaning age. The actual weaning age depends on, bottle calf or on the cow, if on the cow, do you want to milk her for your own use, how is the forage base holding up, what condition is the cow in, what condition is the calf in, I could go on but won't. As you can see, there are any number of variables that all go into making the decision. We wean the first of the month of deer season and put the calves back the opening week-end of deer season. Some calves will be a little older, some a little younger, but logisticly it works for us. By the way, deer season is in November here. They all get their fall workup in early October so they are ready to go by the first of November.

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> What is the optimum age to wean
> beef calves?

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