Weaned heifers calves.

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
These are all calves from first calf heifers. All right around 6 months old but one that is 5. Worked the calves around 3 weeks ago with Bovishield Gold 1shot. and also a black leg. Keep them up for a few days till they quit bawling and turn them out on a fresh pasture for a while before selling. Hoping to get the cows and calves up soon to get those calves weaned too. D1FFA201-398A-45DD-B48C-C50CE9EB7533.jpeg
Good, bad, or indifferent, this is the second year of all our first calf heifers being home raised, and calves being by home raised commercial bulls.
Considered, retaining a bull from this years crop, but went on and steered them all, as it looks like our bulls are holding up good, and also have a coming fall yearling SimmentalX bull for back up if needed.

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