Warmed up and clouds came in.

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Same here. Supposed to get a bunch of snow the next few days.
Your cattle are in nice shape.
Thanks. We dodged the snow bullet today. Percentages for snow are mostly in the 40% range.
Exactly but 40 and rain wasn't very good this morning either.
It's not a good sign when I have to put my pants legs inside my knee boots to keep them out of the mud.
That is how we wear clothes during the three month of tough sledding between winters!
Half of this winter has been too cold not to wear insulated bibs. But too muddy not to wear knee boots. So, if you don't tuck them in, you end up with muddy bibs. If you try to tuck them in, you have a blob of insulated legs bunched up at top of boots.
Where's our normal winter???
I don't believe I own any insulated bibs.
It made it to 49 here today, foggy all day. Temperature is 32 now and light freezing rain.
All in all it ain't been terrible cold thus far except that awful few days around Christmas that it went below zero. I've worn my coveralls less this winter than I remember. Most winters I wear them every day.
It's been a muddy mess getting in and out of some fields to feed hay here for a while.

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