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I have not done much this winter but lie back, eat,and take it easy. Yesterday it was so nice to see the sun so I went outside and worked on things I have had to put off because of the weather.Boy, did I work hard! I dug, I pulled, I went from here to there doing all kinds of things. This morning I got up, which was a hard thing to do,and I find I have places that hurt I didn't even know I had.My wife and I have been wanting to go trail riding but the weather and the trails have been so bad. We said "The next weekend we have good weather we are going to ride all weekend". Now feeling the way I do it made me start to think about old Diamond. You know, he has been doing the same thing I did all winter. Maybe we better not ride them ALL weekend like we talked about. I guess we better take short, easy rides so the horses can get back in shape, too. Don't want them tying up, colicing, or anything like that. Just because we want to ride all weekend they use muscles,too. Maybe I should start with a good walk on flat ground then work our way up to more and then some small hills to start with. Maybe I could even go out to the pasture and chase them around up and down the hills here to get them going again. Yea! That might get me back in shape, too.

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