Boring I know but bitting advice for sore lips

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Apr 8, 2020
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I have a rising 5 KWPN gelding who is very very very sensitive in his mouth. Not sensitive in so much that he is fussy with his mouth but the sides of his lips get sore very very easily. I ride him in a neue schule loose ring to school and he is ok in that but to jump and take out on mountain I have him in a copper roller full cheek snaffle as he can get strong. I asked my instructor for advice and she suggested it. I don't want to put a gobful in him as I want to get him to learn to respect my aids rather than just keep putting in a stronger bit in over and over again. He goes well in the copper roller and def have better brakes with it without feelign like I need to pull him around.
After riding him in the copper roller for a couple of times I noticed that when he yawned the sides of his lips looked very sore. So, although I didn't think I had been heavy handed I was v v v conscious of my hands the next few times I rode him in it. I only hacked him out quietly and had a very light contact but it still looks sore. I pack it with aloe vera vaseline every morning and night and before and after riding too! I gave him a week off and then just a week in loose ring snaffle so time to heal but as soon as I used copper roller again, although he was really good in it, it rubbed again.

It is def the right size as I measured his mouth. The rubbing is on the inside of his lips like you know when we open our mouths, on the join between the top and bottom lips. He is settled in it when I ride and mouths up with it and works in a soft outline. He isn't reluctant to put it in or for me to take up a stronger contact if I need to gve him a reminder to listen.

Any ideas as to what other bit I could use which would give me a bit more braking power than the loose ring snaffle but not too much which may be nicer on his lips. He hates happy mouth bits and anything with poll pressure...he just bowls along on forehand. He has very sensitive skin so I think he is just very sensitive boy lol. Big Baby!

Any advice greatly appreciated!
Hate to see a thread unanswered:
1. When he's bitted up, how many wrinkles in the corner of his mouth (if any)?
2. If he's a warmblood, he probably has a big head. Does the bit appear to be wide enough?
3. In my experience, most issues with bits can be traced back to the hands, holding the reigns, that's attached to the bit. Never did any jumping/eventing. Everybody I've ever seen on TV doing it hung on the horses head like a K Mart suit. Appeared to also be wearing a caveson. Is your horse in a caveson while ridden?

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