can i give my horse old bread that is dried out?

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Jul 27, 2021
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So I had some old leftover bread that had dried out (it wasn't moldy) and I decided to give my horse a little bit and she loved it just as much as apple pellets, and I have more bread that is dried out and I was wondering if it would be okay to feed it to her as long as it is dried out?
As long as you don't give it too much I can't think of a problem . Bread is made from grain , folks feed brewers yeast as a feed don't they ? I'm not a horse guy so 🤔🤠
I've fed bread to horses without any problems. I worked where there was a deli and each day the gal would discard all left over foods. Everything from salad materials to bread, esp the ends (heals or crust, if you prefer).

I put a closeline rope across a couple of beams in the barn about head high to the horses. One was skiddish of any plastic sack whipping in the wind on a fence. I fed him a couple of pieces of bread and he ate like candy. After a few days after I fed the bread I tied the empty plastic bag onto the line. Wasn't long the bread was enjoyed and the skiddishness was gone! Did that for months because I had the bread. The geese enjoyed the bread and the lettuce.
I used to feed horse's hamburger buns. 1 package of 8 buns, minus the plastic, per horse per day.

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