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chili pepper":5vazgny6 said:
Craig and TB, I don't understand your why?. If its why move them miles it is because one pasture rotation is three miles down off the ridge,across the big creek and up the big hill to a mountaintop lease. :cboy:

they dont mean why you move them they mean why does a herd follow your horse for miles unless theres something falling out its backside theyre mistaking for cubes
Brokenmouth,Its the feedsack tied to the saddle and the treat at the end. I also have a working dog to heel any quitters. :cboy:
Well we call ours, if they don't come then we get the bucket out, if then they don't come get the diesel dodge (most of the time we put salt out w/ our truck), if then they don't come get the tractor w/ hay on the forks, if then they don't come we bring out the horse, and if finnally they don't come we bring out the 4-wheeler. Most of the time they come 1st try. There are a few old cows that have gotten wise but outside of that ours do what's expected of them.
Ellie May
The heifers (post weaning, pre breeding) up here at the house call ME for supper! And they're right on the money too! 5:00p.m. sharp. I'm sure if you asked them, they'd say that I'm slow at times, but I'm coming along nicely........ :shock:
We call ours with a 'TWOOOOOOOPP TWOOOOOOHH" or a pickup horn. It's funny to drive down the road and honk at them and see them run the other way - toward the feed troughs! When we gather them in, we can usually call them in with feed. But I have to admit that I kind of like it when we get one or two renegades that won't come in. Then we break out the horses and do it the old fashioned way. There's something very gratifying about roping a renegade and stretching her out to work her or dragging her in the trailer!

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