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My 3 year old pregnant Dexter cow has a strange looking soar at the bottom of her front left leg. It is above the claws. There is one nickle sized protruding open wound that is red with blood. The all around it are grey smaller scabby looking protrusions, although not sticking out as much as the big bright red one. Then on the other back leg in the same place there are only the small grey knobby scabby looking things that are probably the size of a number button on a cell phone. She does not appear lame at all. Could someone help me identify this as quickly as possible? Thank you so much, Rose Marie

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don't worry about identifing it, doctor it! Sounds fungal, so scrub it with a betadine solution, and coppertox it. scrubbing will break up the scabs and allow the coppertox to work better. when your done scrub your hands again!

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