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Feb 2, 2004
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south central louisiana
I have a ten year old live oak tree that the storm split, up where the branches start to fork out. I cut off the broken section, and it left a pretty large scar. What can I paint on the scar to keep out the bugs and the rot until it heals itself ?
novatech":3ldhkobo said:
Tree people around here recomend that you are better off not putting anything on it.

Same here. It is however important to be sure the limb is cut flush with the stem. This will help. Paints and tar will do little more than appease your psycological fears.
Too bad you already cut off the broken part. Frequently split trees can be put back together with bolts and cables.

Painting wounds went out of favor in the early 70's as Dr. Alex Shigo explained to the tree world that trees protect themselves
with chemicals produced within the tree that oxidize when exposed to air.

Oak wilt is the only disease around that requires wounds to be painted.

DON'T make a FLUSH CUT. Go to for more information about proper tree care.

Question about oak wilt? Check out for more information.
You don't want to cut flush with the trunk, but a couple of inches off (outside the growth ring).

One thing that I've been trying on damaged trees (broken limbs and deer scrapping) I read from an article on fruit trees is to take one part fresh manure with one part clay/ hard dirt and mix with water into a paste and apply frequently.

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