Too late to stockpile fescue?

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Oct 13, 2008
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Central North Carolina
I renovated my fescue pasture last fall. I utilized half of it for hay last spring. My plan this fall was to fertilize and stockpile the hay field and overseed clover in the other half. I did not get to fertilize the hay field because we had several dry weeks and I have a lot of crabgrass that I thought would utilize the nitrogen. I have continued to graze the hay field to remove the crabgrass. So here I am at the end of Sept and is it almost too late to start stockpiling. What would you do now? Would you forget about stockpiling, buy some hay, and overseed all the fescue with clover? Hay is pretty easy to come by this year and the clover would be cheaper and might be long term better. My PH is good everywhere, as is P&K.
It's "almost too late". But if you have a mild winter or fall you can still get some decent grass growing but maybe not enough to pay for the nitrogen.

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