To there and back again. (pics heavy)

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Aug 10, 2010
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Southern IL
Hello peoples, been a bit. I've been fine, just got tired. Here's some pics of the last year, while I've been away.

Start with late night forage wheat and clover planting last September

Start of harvest 2022
Also a bit of a upgrade for the bean combine.

Also bought a 79 vette, to play around with.


It was dry and harvest got over quick, so I had plenty of time to spread and take the bird dog out.

After dark ice cutting on Christmas Eve.

Cold Christmas morn sure was nice.
End of 2022
I wonder where you had been as I figured like a lot of folks been setting on your azz. Good pictures as looks like you have been busy helping feed America. Love the dog and vette pics.
I’ve been wondering about you myself. Nice combine, I would like an upgrade myself but I’m sticking to my old technology for now. We started cutting beans yesterday and the water pump went out, it’s no more than three years old. I hate to buy new stuff that doesn’t last 1/10 as long as the old.

1586, now there’s a tractor I love to hate! Rough rough riding but as dependable as they come. The air ride seat helps, but I always look back fondly at the day our last 86 series left the farm. We still have a 1066, 706, and a couple 560’s to go with a 7130 magnum and a 4640 Deere.

Glad to see you back. Tank is a tank, easy to see where he got his name. What’s his story?
Ditto to all comments above. Nice pics and glad to see that you have had a couple productive years.
Calves look good and the pigs are cuter...
Nice bull...
Da@# the idiot going through the fence....

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