the govt. needs a new terminology

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Sep 7, 2005
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southwest, MO
I went to the FSA office yesterday to sign up for some programs, and she said if I checked the box, stating I'm "socially disadvantaged" The Govt's way of saying I'm a woman, a minority in the faming business. My chances of getting approved for my measly $30 a year would be more likely. I told her I really did not think I would be checking that box, because i do not like that term. Whats up with that?

GMN":3rjnurwm said:
"socially disadvantaged"

Is a nice buzz word that sounds good on a report to the appropriations committee justifying the $100 of taxpayers money that was wasted to give you your $30. Now they can say, "we spent $130 helping socially disadvantaged people with this fantastic program" so next year they will take more from you so they can give you more. (no negativism meant toward you, just answering your question)

To really hit pay dirt you need to convince them you are an eskimo. This is the Holy Grail of minorities in the government. They will give you the world if you will only accept it.
I understand what you are saying but saying women are socially disvantaged is insulting to women , maybe I just don't understand
cowboy43":ndu4q5ri said:
The US population is close to 50/50 male/female so why would female be minority?
Female farmers aren't 50/50. I'm just answering your question, I don't make the laws. :D
cowboy43":2oz5py1x said:
The US population is close to 50/50 male/female so why would female be minority?

This pertains to farming, and how the govt justifies declaring women the minority in it, so we can get all sorts of programs. that maybe we wouldn't get if we were men. Its all just a bunch of bologna! Deal with the FSA long enough on anything and you will see how it operates. Paperwork and double talk. Or should I say the blind leading the blind. LOL


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