Tenative AI Plans

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Oct 16, 2009
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West/Central MN
Looking for anyone's input on any of these and if anyone's experience would indicate to stay away from any of these;

I'm Planning on using Connealy Right Answer on 12 heifers

I plan on AI'ing 20 (16 commercial) cows to one or two of these three - Renown, Coleman Charlo and or Bismarck.
Gizmom- Any feed back on Charlo would be appreciated, specifically on his daughters and their docility
Ultimate goal is to retain as many females from these as possible.
Thanks in advance
How big are your cows? I just asked Accelerated guy about him. He said he is barely a 4 frame and is not at pretty as his picture. Almost an ugly sob. If your cows are not 7 frame thin made I think I'd find another bull.

Right Answer is an awesome bull. They go to work and do a good job. I find no faults in him thus far except everyone buys my Right Answer cows and I'm out of sexed female semen on him.
Like right answer proven and makes good females.
Like renown. There is a thread about renown on her that talks about his calves.
I don't think you can go wrong using Connealy Right Answer on your heifers. Have used him several times over the years and really like him. His heifers turn into nice brood cows. I've had mostly good results using S A V Bismarck as well. No experience with the other two bulls you mention.
Going to jump in here... (first post but I read this board all the time)

We AI approximately 250 each year of our own and assist with another 80-90. SAV and Herbster has been our "go to" for much of our herd choices with some ABS and Connealy. Because we've so heavy on SAV, we are looking into introducing something else into our herd.

We've been successful with SAV. Seems as though, we retain a lot more from Herbster where as our SAV are all commercial. Our Herbster Property and Pursuit was a huge hit for great looking bulls this past year and our first heifers are looking pretty sexy. If I remember correctly, much of the bull herd were from Herbster, till we cut our bulls selection down even further. We did purchase some Herbster Sensation this year. Excited for that.

We retained 13 bulls this year to sell at auction and the most impressive EPDs by far were from Connealy (Comrade). Trying to convince my husband to retain semen from him during his sale. I forsee us using a lot more Connealy this breeding season once we've cleaned up our remaining inventory. I absolutely LOVE our bull out of him.