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Jun 16, 2004
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Subject: John Kerry nominated for an Oscar - JPS forwards
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> Kerry: Running for president -- or an Oscar?
> Diana West (archive)
> August 2, 2004 | Print | Send
> Here's an un-Conventional line of thought: I've sometimes wondered, idly,
> how it could be that John Kerry had so many pictures of himself from his
> Navy days in Vietnam. Just four months "in country," as Vietnam vets say,
> during which time he earned three Purple Hearts, one Silver Star and one
> Bronze Star, and he comes home with what are reportedly hours -- hours! --
> of 8 millimeter film. Some snips appear in Kerry campaign ads; more show
> in the Great Kerry Convention Biopic produced by Spielberg protégé James
> Moll. How did Kerry do it?
> Now we know. That is, according to the Drudge Report, an upcoming Regnery
> book, John O'Neill's "Unfit for Command" will explain all. "Kerry would
> revisit ambush locations for reenacting combat scenes where he would
> the hero, catching it all on film," writes O'Neill, whose still
> book rocketed to No. 2 on Amazon's sales list after the Drudge story
> appeared. "Kerry would take movies of himself walking around in combat
> sometimes dressed as an infantryman walking resolutely through the
> He even filmed mock interviews of himself narrating his exploits." Sounds
> if after the heat of battle cooled, Kerry and crew would motor out on
> location to shoot -- with film, this time -- a retake of the latest
> starring himself. You can almost hear the post-battle cry across the delta
> now: "Action!"
> Not so, says the Kerry campaign. Or, rather, not exactly so. Fox News
> Channel reported the "Kerry campaign acknowledged that after a number of
> skirmishes and battles, Kerry and his unit did return to the various
> locations to film one another," but officials "adamantly denied" they
> returned to "reenact" any incidents. Still, "reenact" is the word the
> Globe used to describe the Kerry home war movies back in 1996, and the
> verb crops up again in another new Regnery book, Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz"
> Patterson's "Reckless Disregard." "On February 28, 1969," the author
> "Kerry came under fire from an enemy location on the shore. The crew's
> gunner returned fire, hitting and wounding the lone gunman. Kerry directed
> the boat to charge the enemy position. Beaching his boat, Kerry jumped
> chased the wounded insurgent behind a thatched hutch, and killed him."
> This isn't exactly Sergeant York, but, as Lt. Col. Patterson tells it,
> apparently rated his exploits (which earned him a Silver Star and a Purple
> Heart) too good simply to write home about: "Kerry and his crew returned
> within days, armed with a Super 8 camera he had purchased at the post
> exchange at Cam Ranh Bay, and reenacted the skirmish on film."
> Before writing another word, I guess I better pay homage to Kerry's
> service. But, frankly, I draw the line at paying homage to the reenactment
> of his military service. In fact, I find this behavior so extremely weird
> quail at the thought of the man even possibly becoming president. Of
> such bizarre revelations -- a big picture window onto his nature -- could
> well be a drag on his White House run. Why? There is something so preening
> in his calculation, so self-conscious in his self-dramatization, that
> is ample reason to question Kerry's perspective on reality -- or, rather,
> his own sense of place in it.
> Then again, maybe Kerry's war record of fighting by day, filming by
> day-after shows a perfectly commendable, eyes-on-the-prize focus on the
> future, or at least his future. As the Boston Globe put it, we have to
> reckon with this "young man so unconscious of risk in the heat of battle,
> yet so focused on his future that he would reenact the moment for film. It
> is as if he had cast himself in the sequel to the experience of his hero,
> John F. Kennedy, on the PT-109." Crucial to remember, of course, is that
> 1963 movie "PT-109" starred not JFK as JFK, but Cliff Robertson as JFK.
> Author O'Neill, who took command of John Kerry's swift boat after Kerry
> Vietnam, and who actively opposes his presidential candidacy, includes
> reminiscence in his book, which may explain Kerry the auteur: "A joke
> circulated among Swiftees was that Kerry left Vietnam early not because he
> received three Purple Hearts, but because he had recorded enough film of
> himself to take home for his planned political campaigns." Funny enough to
> the guys, then. But here we are, 35 years later, and John Kerry, the
> is part of a presidential campaign, and with Steven Spielberg's cinematic
> blessing. Will this long-in-the-making epic be a 21st-century success?
> Here's how: George W. Bush wins a second term, and John Kerry wins an
> C2004 Newspaper Enterprise Assn.
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> Unfit for Command:
> Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry
> "John Kerry is a liar and a fraud, unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of
> United States Armed Forces." That's not just the opinion of American
> conservatives: As this astonishing new book shows, most of the men who
> served with Kerry in Vietnam feel this way.

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