sometimes hiefers can surprise you

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Apr 6, 2007
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Manitoba, Canada
And ours did. She was a bit smaller framed, we were worried we chose or picked a problem keeper. She was in the throws of calving when hubby checked her. He came home to get me. We got out there, got the chains in hand and went to assist. She was sort of pushing, feet out. Progressing nicely. Opened the gate to get to her, out pops the calf backwards and the head is up. A little sputtery but fine.
Told hubby to check for a twin but he figures not cause the calf was a nice size. Momma licking and cleaning the baby and the baby wants to get up right away.
Back to Easter dinner with the family that came out.
That's a good surprise!! Happy for you.

The heifer sounds like a keeper.

I often wonder how many are born backwards like that and live, that we never see or know about. Maybe that explains some of the 'dead' new born calves that are found. I would tend to think that abackwards calf would have a very short umbilical cord, if any, showing.

Had one come out backwards yesterday. Have always had to pull those breeches or do C section, but have never had one come out dead......maybe Im just lucky?

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