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Jan 10, 2005
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I have and older model bushog loader with a fast connect type connection on the front of my massey tractor. My newer kubota has a skid steer type connect. I have a bucket and pallet forks that fit the bushog loader and I am wanting to see if I can find some sort of adapter to let them fit on the kubota skid steer type. Any ideas?
I have an older pin type kubota loader and am making the conversion. I bought a Horst quick attatch to put on the pins and am looking for the adapter plates to put on the implements.
So far these are what I have found.

I have a welder friend of mine coming out next week to see what he would charge to build me a few of the plates and attatch them to the implements to see if I could save the freight.
From what I see they just don't look all that tough to build. But I'm sure he'll let me know how right or wrong I am.
I am trying to convert my skid steer type to the old style quick attach bush hog system. I bought all my attachements and the bush hog loader about 10 years ago. Now that I have the new model kubota with skid steer none of my attacments will fit except on the bushog loader .

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