sick cow

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Dec 29, 2008
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have a cow who nibled some hay but has'nt eaten all day,has diarrhea and stay's away from the others,need help
Get a thermometer and check her temp . Let us know what you find out, the sooner the better .

your vet should always be your first line of defense rather than an anonymous forum. Even if the nearest vet is 3 hours away...price of having cattle. There are people in our area where they have to travel 3 hours to get to the vet, Just cause of the distance she services. When she is away, and has another office on standby...real nice of her to forward her clients to another vet...the distance is even greater. I like that she plans for the area she services by having an office on standby.
I will say it again:

If you are going to have animals you need a vet. It's the price we pay for the job we have


PS phone calls are usually free, especially if you develope a relationship with your vet. And if your vet is in the 21 century like ours, email is fantastic, and gets a fast response...can even send pics
thanx for the help,called our vet and found the cows got a bucket of cherry pie's that was for the hog's,won't do that again. Next I need to buy a thermometer ! Thanx again.