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:cry: my daughters show steer had a tramatic accident and now is not doing very well. he was hanging from his show halter near a creek and by the time he was found we had to cut him loose and he slowly went in to the dry creek. after we got him out he seemed to be ok until we noticed he wasnt having a bowel movement but was eating and throwing it up. hes lost lots of wieght and the vet came out and said he had kindey trouble and to push fluids. the doctor said he didnt think cows vomited. have you ever heard of this?
Cows regurgitate their cud everyday. Horses cannot regurgitate. I'm sure he is dehydrated from hanging himself and likely struggling for however long he was there. so pushing fluids sounds like a good idea to me. about how long was he there? His stomach bugs may be out of whack.
I agree with Beefy.. he's surely dehydrated. As far as vomiting, they can regurgitate, which may be what he's doing. Maybe he can't swallow?
I had steers throw up after eating corn contaminated with aflatoxin.

Did you check his throat for swelling? There might be a blockage. I'd get an IV in him. Are there any gut sounds at all?

I am very sorry about the accident. Please get your vet out there and put him on an I.V.

Also, if you have a Vet Shool close enough, I would bring him there so they may throughly check him out and put him on the proper fluids. We don't waste a minute here, if something is wrong they go to the Vet School immediately. You will feel better and so will your steer...

Please let us know how he is.....

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