Selling / buying at the end of the year

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Maybe it depends on the barn, but the abolute worst beating I've ever took was selling the week between Christmas and New Years. The place was a ghost town.
I held my calves until our January 2nd pre-vac sale. I'm also selling some pairs in January at a special cows sale as they thought it would be the better sale than December's. Talking to the barn owners and a couple of order buyers helped me make my decision.

Uncle is in a tax crunch though and he's coming to look at my pairs this afternoon. I'll leave some on the table but he does a lot for me.
Sales leading into the last sale of the year have been trending steady to higher. Numbers have been strong. Normal volume is 500 to 700 head. Last sale of the year Wednesday was 1160' course that followed a sale of 375 due to a cold 72 hour drizzling rain. Volume the week before that was 1000. So we are not seeing a drop in numbers or demand ending the year this year.
I don't ever sell at the end of the year. Might buy something if it looks like it would be beneficial tax wise though. I guess everyone looks at things differently.

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