Second most popular breed.

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If you mean popular in the US, I'd guess Herefords. They combined the Horned and polled Hereford associations a few years ago. And there are lots of those girls working in the southwest US.

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I'd have to agree with frankie. Considering the huge market for black baldies (angus/herfordx). Around my area most people have herford cows they cross with an angus bull.
The Scottish Highlander is the favored breed at any event for Guests at events!

When bred to common commercial breeds few can compare to her influence, more pounds on the ground, more weaned calves.

Proof is in the meat! Lowest cholesterol, increased ribeye size and taste is one of the best. Hereford nearly always wins flavor tests, when compared to all other breeds, until a Highland is tested? The Stroh's of Colorado win nearly all contests in Denver... with a Highland influenced beef!

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My family raises Hereford cattle. Compared to Angus which is the first Hereford cattle are the second largest breed. I also show cattle and there is always more Herefords there than any other breed except Angus.

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In the US Hereford, in France Limousin below Charolais, worldwide Angus, the Cebu is the most popular breed in the world in my personal opinion.

> Hi my name is Kenny and I am
> wondering what is the second most
> popular breed of beef cattle. If
> you have an answer let me know.

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