red angus cattle

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my daughter got a red angus 9mo.bull can any one tell us some tips.on when he isold enough to breed & is he safe to be around with out a ring in his nose,can we put him in same pasture as the cows.& horse, & goats. thank you a dum farmer, but learning[/list]
As a yearling, he should be able to bread one cow for every month of age. At 18 months, he should be able to breed 35-40 cows in a 60-90 day breeding season.

The showing w/out a nose ring would depend on the indivdual temerment of the bull.
The question of how safe bulls are has been a popular topic on this site in the past. Why don't you go back in the archives and read some of the previous posts about bulls. Generally, most ranchers will tell you that no bull is completely safe and all of them must be treated with respect. Don't be afraid of him, but don't trust him either. The nose ring doesn't have anything to do with his temperament or with your safety. You can put him in the same pasture with cows if you are ready to breed them. Some horses and some bulls can share a pasture with no problems, others cannot. Seems to depend on the horse more than the bull. Goats should be no problem.

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