priefert sale!

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Feb 16, 2016
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oklahoma city
is anyone going to the priefert sale starting tomorrow? does anyone live close that could go by and check it out for me.
sounds like they are moving locations and are haveing a sale. it might be a chance at some good deals. i would be interested in upgrading my squeeze chute
:oops: fake news.
Look at the date of the FB post & ad. 2 yrs old.
It fooled me too, till someone on another board pointed it out to me.

slick4591":213zkicv said:
Missed the date for sure. Now I need to figure out where they went.
Originally, the Scratch/Dent/Seconds was at the main plant right on Bus 271/Jefferson Ave.

They moved just a little West, across the railroad tracks that run behind the main plant. They're in the same area as the shipping recieving yard is-- IIRC between main plant and county road 4000.
Sometimes the preifert sale is not the best : bought 20 - 16' bull gates made by preifert $ 6 a gate cheaper from Atwoods. Called preifert and they said it was the same gates they quoted me a price on the day before but Atwoods buys so many gates from them they will beat their own prices but I still like going to the preifert plant

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