please pray, they have called the family in

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Apr 6, 2007
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Manitoba, Canada
Well the time has come, they have said that my mom most likely will not last much longer. They gave her medication because of her pain last night and she has not woken up since. She is to weak to go into a comma. She would be 60 in march and ALS has ravaged her body.
Please pray for peace and strength for the family

I am so sorry RR, she is so very young to have this disease but now her body and soul will be at peace.
May God give you all the strength and love you, and you need not worry about your mom she will be in good hands..

My thoughts and prayers are with you.. :heart:
I checked FB this morning and it looked like she was resting comfortabley so my brothers went home and would be back in the morning early. Her oxygen level has dropped from 90 to 38. This means that her musclces around the lungs are starting to paralize. I can not be there as i live two provinces away and it would be costly to go back for this and for a funeral.
Thanks all for all your prayers, I still covet them

you an yours will be in my thoughts an sorry that yall are having to go through this.
I know your pain, as my own mother passed earlier this year. Your mother, you and your's will be in my thoughts. She will be free from the pain of her desease, a true victory.

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