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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Just some pics for your viewing pleasure, of several different critters. First up, my first four chicks ever! Two RIR and two Australorp, all supposed to be pullets. We started them off in this brooder (there was a lamp on the far right side but I was just transferring them before this pic, and I'd already put it on the big brooder). I'm too chicken (lol) to use a cardboard box incase something happens and the lamp sets it on fire. So the wire cages I had free I thought were perfect. The first one I use for transporting our cat and any tiny tiny baby goats. The second one is an old rabbit cage I had when I got my bun as a baby and she lived in the house, and my friend uses it when her pedigree queens are kittening.

Then we changed them to this bigger area. They are a week old.


Lamp and perch end of brooder

Food and water end of brooder

Our local Pet Barn branch had an 'animals on display' weekend, and we brought along our goats (several each of boer, angora and dairy) and sheep, the ones that were very friendly and liked pats etc. Here is Charlotte the Harlott (Boer) and Possum (Saanen) relaxing in between patting sessions. I took 12 animals all together, but didnt get much time to take photos so this is it, I'm afraid

My SIX gorgeous nephews

Boer kiddos - these guys are a couple months old and are all going off as pet wethers/grass eaters. They are the lucky five out of a drop of 80 or so wether kids that are headed to the feedlot and freezer.







Here's the first poddy lamb of the year - a crossbred ewe. Dad named her Erika, terrible name for a lamb.





They all look well taken care of too, especially the little lamb. :D

enjoyed the pictures.

I was going to add that when I die maybe I would like to come back as one your little animals, but not if I'm going to the freezer. :lol2: :lol2:

BTW, nice looking nephews you have.
Erika is a doll, I just love her little jacket :pretty:

About the little gang, SIX gorgeous nephews - I can see them running around and having a great time at your place. :lol: They are all lookers ;-) very handsom young boys :clap:
OMG Tilly is adorable she looks like a lawn ornament.. :heart:

Love your pics Keren ,and whats wrong with the name Erica ?? She is a cutey as well.

Great pics all of them, even the human babies.. :) ;-)
Nice pics Keren, always nice to see animals that are well cared for :tiphat: .

Justagirl, lamby spent the first night inside but has since been kicked outside to a warm shed. I was just too tired and lazy that first day to set up a spot for her outside, throwing her inside for the night was easier. But yes, she is a rather spoiled little princess, the first one of the year always is, once I get 7 or 8 of them running around they dont get as spoiled ... because they start driving me nuts :lol2: If you get reincarnated as one of my animals, just be sure to be female, you'll live a long and happy life lol

show steer up":3ten97c3 said:
About the little gang, SIX gorgeous nephews - I can see them running around and having a great time at your place.

Yes, they have a fantastic time tearing around the place while Aunty Keren is tearing her hair out! Is it too much to ask for just ONE niece?

Aussie, Tilly is too cute ... what did you end up doing with her?

Hills ... I prefer not to call animals people names ... dont exactly know why. But its an E year this year, which kinda restricts my creativity lol

Thanks Larry and Jo, anyone from the CT family is welcome at my place anytime if you are in Australia (hmm, except maybe TTCLM)
I gave her back to the school and now she's one of the teachers pets :lol: . She was actually bigger than any of the weaners but because she was blind she was more of a liability than anything.

It was weird you know, because its a small herd and I was running the breeding program I knew who came from who and when I took Tilly back to the farm she started baaing and her biological mum returned her call and they kept on calling each other. I took Tilly when she was a day old and returned her at 4 months old. Amazing... (her mum couldn't stand after giving birth to triplets, one lamb died and the school decided to give me one and leave one on her)
Keren those are six fine looking boys, heart breakers all of them one day no dought..
The animals look well looked after to, nice to see those pic's thanks for sharing.

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