Pasture Care Before Cows

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May 17, 2017
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Hello all. I just inherited a small piece of land in Oklahoma from my wife's grandparents who have both now passed away. 40 acres, all of which is pasture, but it hasn't been grazed in 20 years or so. Over those 20 years, the pasture has been cut for hay, but the equipment has brought in a lot of unwanted plants. Mostly Johnson grass, but also a bush-like, tacky weed with purple flowers. It seems to have a common root system, because when I drive over it, the next day a large area is wilted. Jury's still out on what that stuff is. Anyway, I want to start the process of getting rid of these plants, which cover about 7-10 acres, with the intention of putting 10 or so cows on it. I've read that early spring Johnson grass would be taken care of by the cattle, but if I'm going to kill off that other weed, I'm just going to nip it all in the bud. Has anyone here had to go through this? I'd like to hear some methods. I'm actually about to wick most of it, but what I'm concerned with, is that they come back next year, and don't allow the Bermuda to grow. Thanks for suck a great resource.
Cattle love Johnson grass. It will go away on its own so I wouldn't bother addressing it with spray. Just don't let them eat it when it's been drought stressed or frost nipped.

I'd spray the weed, but find out what it is so you can make a better choice in spray.
Use a broadleaf herbicide on the weeds and don't worry about the Johnsongrass. Your cows will keep it trimmed down so you won't see it. As far as the weeds coming back next year, that depends on when you treat it. If you get it before it goes to seed you should see a dramatic reduction next year. If you treat after the seed is mature than all you're doing is making the place look better this year.
We always spray grazon next, usually in May earlier this year due to warm weather. Pastora will kill Johnson Grass, but is very pricey. As others have said cows will take care off Johnson grass. A lot of those winter grasses the cow will eat, clover etc that the grazon will kill. We always try to flash graze and then spray a week or two after.
Ding ding ding. We have a winner here. Take care of the grass and the cows will be better. It took years for those weeds to get there and they wont be gone in just one spray. It like trying to lose those extra pounds you put on over the last ten years. You not gonna get rid of them in a week.