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I was reading below and thought I'd comment about raising an orphan. My wife has a Nursemare Service that serves the northeast, so we get a lot of info and also raise a lot of foals.Colostrum, is the first most important thing a foal needs to have. Make sure it gets at least 36ozs. ASAP. The first couple of hours after birth. Now a Mare that is milking will keep on milking as long as she is in good shape and is being suckeled regular contrary to some belief. There are mares that raise foal after foal without looseing their milk. The quality of the milk does not decreese after the initial point after foaling as long as she is being fed quality feed.We have mares that don't go out to raise orphans for one reason or another and they raise our foals at the farm. Raising an orphan can be an effort and some people just can't do it, thats why Nursmares. Now some are raised using milk replacers and fed from a bucket.We do this for the most part. Very few foals refuse to drink from a bucket. Use a good milk replacer,Buck-eye mares milk,Blue seal dairy-maid nonmedacated,land of lakes are a few. Don't like foalac.Also use a grain that can be digested. Buck-eye Foal starter, in my opinion is the best. Thats what we use from birth to 3 mos. old then go to buck-eye groth. The one thing that people don't do and that is to provide the orphan foal with a buddy, a companion. They need to play and act like horses, not pets or children. My wifes foals are all started with a companion. One teaches the other. Then they are put into groups of about 6-8 when their about 4mos old.Then sold hopefully. Keep them clean and well fed. use a good quality grass hay with an occasional flake of alphy. We always keep a salt and minerial block where they have access.All animals know when they need it. If anyone needs help with raising a baby email Sandy <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</A> She has helped many from all over the USA,Canada and even down under.There are many people that don't have access to a Nursemare and need some help. Many she has helped come from Cyberfoal. can also email me

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