Ole Farmer Doesn't Get It!

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Nov 26, 2007
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Northern Indiana
Ole Farmer Brown ended up in the hospital.
The first day at about noon, Farmer yells at the nurse.
Mam, I need to take a crap! Nurse states, ah Sir we don't do that here, you need to pick a number, either 1 or 2. Farmer says okay fine, I will take 2, but please hurry!

The following day his ole friend gets moved in to share the room.
A few hours into the day, Farmer 2 says to his friend. Man I gotta p*ss like crazy! Farmer 1 says, oh no you can't do it like that here as you need to get a number first.
So, Farmer 2 rings the emergency button to get a nurse. The head nurse comes running in to his aid. Farmer 2 then states to the nurse, Mam, I gotta p*ss like crazy and we just discovered I ain't got a number yet!