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Apr 13, 2007
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Central Kansas
I am planning to use only non AI cert bulls in my AI breeding program. I am tired of paying big bucks to register calves. As a Hereford breeder I see the importance of using AI. If you want the breed to grow and prosper then it seems that we need to make it affordable for all to do so. It would also be nice if the studs would look at these bull too.

The association also needs to find more test herds to use. It is almost impossible to get bulls nominated unless you have the correct prefix in front of the bulls name. I appreciate the herds that do this work I just wish there were more.

I agree with you. The cost of registering calves with a certificate is just ridiculous. If the industry wants to support this technology and the future of it, they need to make it more affordable. I don't see any reason for the prices being as high as they are now! I usually only had show calves that were A.I., we used natural breeding on the rest, and the cost of the certificate to register them really put a dent in my budget.
Even with the cert. cost, AI is still a very efficient way to better your genetics. But it does seem like the Hereford breed's cost for them is way higher than some other breeds. I'd sure like to see the non-cert. AI sire program expanded though.
I posted a very similar question a couple of years ago, since then I haven't done much research on cost of semen on a non cert bull..... so I'm going to open my "fingers" before I engage my brain, so to speak :dunce: .

It seems to me that the cost would be a bit of a push, what percentage of calves do you reg. each year. To me it seemed like the price of the semen of the non cert bull started around $50 per straw, take a cert bull who's semen you can get for.... lets say $25 to $30,(unless you buy from Star Lake, then it starts at $50). So far I only reg. about 40% of my calves, 60% I don't buy certs on.

Is it a savings?

Most of the bulls that I am looking at are 35 dollars or under per unit. I register a higher percent than you do it is simplier and cheaper for me to register them as babies than to miss one and go back later to decide. I dont keep all of them but makes it easier when dealing with records on my end.

Don't know anything about the herford assn. or how it works, but seems you shouldn't have to register them just because they "could" be registered or do they require it? Don't raise herfords but only register what I plan to retain. Semen is $35-50 per straw if we breed registered cattle with it....$12.00 if it's for commercial cattle.

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