New Direction 905

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Oct 18, 2014
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Northeast Alabama
Does anyone remember this Gelbvieh bull? Any info good or bad about him would be appreciated. I have heard that he was a great bull and wonder why he's not used much anymore. It also raises a question, how many good, solid bulls get put on the shelf in favor of chasing the latest bull of the month and get forgotten?
In my opinion he was a good bull. Was being the key word, now days his growth & Carcass numbers aren't keeping up with a lot of the newcomers. But, he still has a place as an outcross or for certain matings. B&G
I sampled New Direction a few years back. Didn't get anything out of him that really impressed me. They were fancy, but the females lacked the middle I like and the bulls weren't powerful enough for me so I didn't keep anything out of him. A buddy of mine flushed a cow to him several times and got a lot of nice replacements and and sold some bulls out of the mating. The cow he flushed to isn't a real feminine cow though but has loads of power so he worked well on her. I think one thing that kept a lot of breeders from using New Direction is because he is sired by the same bull as the Freedom bull and Freedom blood saturated the market for awhile.

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