New bull

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Phenotype is great. How about EPDs and BSE? Good breeder? Fertility and scrotal score?

If all is good, you got a cracker jack there!
Passed the bse or he wouldn't have been in the sale. If he didn't have a decent scrotal he wouldn't have been in the sale. EPD'S don't mean much to me so I didn't pay much attention to them. Geneseek DNA scores are really good.
Simmental gave up there muscle when they gave up there color.

It was cold. He had a yearling scrotal of 36 Ron.

This bull has His pressure up TT.
Good phenotype. Does not in that picture look like a high scrotum score. I don't think he would be Simmental Bull of the Year. Maybe Playmate of the Month.
Now here is a scrotum:

Red Bull Breeder":2au5c634 said:
Ranchman he is a limousin.
Ohio his butt is just right.

He a limousin to Ron.

I was at Farm Fest this year. We thought we saw you go by. You didn't stop. Was you there?

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