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I have a brahman bull I would like to place in a show. This will be the first for me, could anyone out there advise me on how to go about it. From how to tame to putting a holster on him. How many hours must I be w/ him, training etc. "They"(The bull and 5 heifers)are not that bad, they will are allowing me touch them. They're semi-friendly. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated, as I could not find any books, "manuals" etc at the library or any where else.

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Have you seen any local shows near where yopu live? If you are just starting out I would first go to a local show and see how much time and effort is out into the shows. Having your oun stall and getting someone to clip and groom your cattle, it can be very hard and take alot of time. As to getting ready for the show for myself, we take 2 months before we take anything to a show, and we halter them everyday. I can't really go about telling you how to get them halter broke because everyone has their own way of handling cattle, but remeber not to take it to fast for them. Just start out maybe by taking them up tp your barn, giving them some grain and see how they take that. This may not be the way for you but it's been working for me! hope this helps Jane

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