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We have a calf that is one week old (doing fine). The calves mother dint accept it so we are bottle feeding at this time (was found in the field by itself). We treated for scours the first 4 days and is not showing any signs anymore. However, We didnt get to the calf within 24 hours and didnt give the calf any colostrum. The calf has a cough but seems ok. I have some questions: 1 Will it do the calf any good to give it colostrum now? (week old) 2 Can a calf be given the vaccine Alpha 7 and tagged now or is it too young? LA-200??? 3 When would it be proper to start the calf on grain (12%) mix?

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You can improve the calfs nutrition by reducing volume to 1 & 3/4 quarts 3 - 4 times a day, this will prevent the huge gut from developing, if you have other calves on creep, this calf can start picking at feed within the first 2 weeks, but a well developed gut will not develop for several weeks. They need to learn from other cattle and will pick up their behavior.

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1. I have heard but not seen the research that says the antibodies from colostrum are only absorbed in the first 24 hours after birth. 2. I would vaccinate with a respiratory and a clostridial serum. Covexin 8 is a good 8 way clostridial but I would talk to either a serum house or a vet on what is the best choice for respiratory. BTW use the best milk replacer you can get. There is a world of difference.

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After successfully raising 23 calves on bottles last year, my best advice is to maybe give the calf penicillin probably 10cc if it has a cough or runny nose. Feed the calf pellets called TCR, they are great and mix with sweet feed 12% protein. To help with scours we used Pepto Bismal, it works great too. Out of the 23 calves I raised 3 are currently cows on my farm. They really did good. The TCR will also help with the pot belly. Good luck!!

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